Terrific Travel Tips

Ease of travel is one of the great joys of the modern age but the changes of food, activity, sleep, altitude and sometimes company can wreak havoc on your system, leaving you feeling ungrounded, unsupported and irritable. This summer, bring along key bits of your daily routine to help you stay steady and nourished so you can enjoy the adventure.

Travel Tips
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Sleep Well
As much as possible, stick to your regular sleeping and waking times, but allow variation for special events. Too much light? Try a sleeping mask or small towel over your eyes

Traveling can be very drying. Pack a thermos and/or water bottle. Drink hot water in cooler weather and on airplanes;  room temperature water in warmer climates. Drink up to a quart of hot water first thing in the am… before any coffee or tea… This will wake up your body, stimulate digestion and help stave off constipation.

Travel Sequence 2

Start Your Day with Silent Inspiration
Take a few quiet minutes to yourself to breath in and out. Read a passage from your inspiring daily reader or bit of poetry. You can do this anywhere, your hotel room, a bathroom, a back porch. Notice how this leaves you feeling more centered  supported and able to go with the flow.  Do the following yoga routine.

Oil to Avoid Getting Sick
Ever notice how your nose gets crusty and dry during travel  especially on the plane? Dryness makes you more susceptible to infection from germs and other nasties. Put a small dab of sesame or coconut oil on your finger tip, rub it into your nostrils, maybe even your ears. While you’re at it, rub the oil all over your body. Let it soak in then rinse off.

Terrific Tummy
Travel can be hard on the tummy. Take ginger capsules for motion sickness. Try two prior to starting travel, then as often as needed. Digestive issues? Mix equal parts cumin/coriander/fennel in a small jar and pack in your travel bag. Take up to a tsp full with water prior to meals. Or, chew on a small hand-full of fennel seeds before meals or any time you have indigestion.

Save Your Skin
Commercial sunscreen is loaded with chemicals we don’t metabolize well. Try switching to a sunscreen made with non-nano zinc oxide. GreenScreen® from kabanaskincare.com is good. (I am not affiliated with Kabana Skincare and don’t get anything from them for recommending. I just like the product!)

Image from izismile.com
Image from izismile.com

Enjoy the Ride
Taking a break from the daily views of life is a great joy. Relax, let go of rigid agendas and enjoy the flow of whatever comes along!

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