Melinda’s gift of words, alignment & teaching have transformed not only my yoga practice but my perspective in life. Be ready to be blessed when you step onto your mat, open her blog or call in to a call. ~ Michelette Icenhower

I decided to try yoga as a counterbalance to running long distance.  I knew it would be a totally different physical experience but didn’t realize the positive impact it would have on my mental state.  It’s the way you teach.  Your introduction of specific concepts for the day or week focuses my attention, and pulls it away from all the noise elsewhere (including in my own head).  The entire practice flows better than any I’ve experienced.  Most importantly, your teaching has changed the way I approach nearly everything.  It has literally changed my life.  Thank you. ~ Jeff Chlebowski

Melinda helps me to take my practice from my monkey mind to my heart. ~ Laura Heintschel

My body can breath and move again, thank you for leading us in new way of approaching our difficulties. For so many “ah ha moments” or “oh wow” times! ~ Gail Allen

There is a joy that radiates from you and it transfers to each of us who attend your classes. All of your classes are well planned, well co-ordinated and have a flow that is physically challenging but refreshing. I always feel so much better after practicing with you. How true it is that all the little things in life make such a difference. Thank you for helping me attend to these things so well. ~Marty Allen

Melinda has an exceptional ability to understand where the student is at and gently encourages him/her to reach beyond what the student thinks is possible.  She does this with kind and clear words, physical support and intuition.  ~ Karen Monna

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