Harmonious Holidays

Harmonious Holiday
Guide to a More Harmonious Holiday

Enjoying balance during the Holiday season or any other time when you are likely to be very busy is a matter of choosing what is meaningful to you and aligning your thoughts, actions and commitments with your core values. But in the midst of this busy time, even that can be difficult. Click here to download the beautiful, printable version of a few simple ways to create a little bit of space in your daily life where you can turn in to reconnect with what matters most to you.

Start with Rhythm

Rise Before or With the Sun
The time just before and around sunrise is charged with an atmosphere of awakening, quiet and possibility. When you get up, take a few moments to enjoy the fresh energy of the day.

Begin with Inspiration
This one is big. It sets the tone for the entire day. Avoid checking email, Facebook, or the news until you’ve had a chance to quietly read and absorb a daily meditation, a spiritual text, or a bit of poetry. It doesn’t take long, even 2 minutes can make a huge shift in your perspective. It’s important that whatever you read is printed on actual paper and not electronic. The light and frequency emitted from electronics stimulates the pineal gland. Give your mind a chance to settle before adding additional stimulation.

Gratitude for Lunch 
Pause before you eat and reflect on a few things for which you can be grateful. Give thanks for your food.

Pause at Twilight 
When you get home from work, or before starting dinner, say around 5 or 5:30pm take a few moments to close your eyes and sit in quiet. Maybe light a candle and offer blessings to someone who needs assistance. Perhaps read another inspiring text.

Bedtime Breathing 
Try to go to bed by or around 10pm. As Ben Franklin said “Early to bed, early to rise…” Before you fall asleep invite a few quiet breaths into the back of your heart. In this pause before sleep you can review your day, offer thanks for what you received or learned, let go of any anxieties and surrender to a period of rejuvenation.

Be Fluid with Melody

Step Outside and Look at the Sky
It will help you get out of the many details crowding your awareness and remember the bigger picture.

Create a Soothing Environment
Light some candles, hang twinkle lights, or enjoy soft music that soothes your spirit. Bring whatever aspects of the season you enjoy into your environment.

Choose Commitments Wisely
You really don’t have to say “yes” to everything. Pick which activities matter the most
to you and engage those fully. Give yourself the gift of letting the others go.

Eat Before You Party
If you don’t want to overeat and feel crummy the following day, enjoy a bowl of soup or a green smoothie before heading out to a party. This way you’ll be better able to choose which treats you truly want to enjoy versus filling up from a place of wanting.

Love Yourself
When engaging challenging people or relatives, consider this as your mantra: “What others say and do is about them. What I hear and do is about me.”

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