The Spaces In Between

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you might miss it.” This from the great sage, Ferris Buller 🙂

At 34 Weeks. I’m bigger now!
Photo by Courtney Long at Studio Vibe

Everything is changing. As I move into my final weeks of pregnancy, as I stand at the threshold of motherhood, this statement is perhaps more true for me today than ever before. Forces deep and powerful like gravity pulling on the tides tug within me. What was is no longer, what will be remains a mystery. In between the known past and the unknown future exists the present. And my present is liminal space, a strong waiting for the mystery of what is to come.

To one degree or another we are always living in liminal space, always straddling the boundaries of the known past, the current reality of the present and the unknown of the future. This tension between known and unknown, mystery and reality that creates such richness to this life.

And yet, when life moves fast, as it has a tendency to do especially when I get wrapped up in busyness, the richness of this dynamic spectrum of experience gets lost. I miss things. Anxiety over the past and fear for the future starts to take over. It helps to slow down, look around and engage with the present. For me, this is one of the key practices in honoring the past and being responsive and open to the future.

While my liminal space, my current present of preparing for the unknown is more potent than ever before, and perhaps more potent that it ever will be, yours may be more subtle.

IMG_1491What are the liminal spaces in your life today that you could perhaps slow down, take a look around and engage? What riches are to be found there?

Perhaps you are feeling the awakening of the earth to Springtime after a long winter. Perhaps you are changing jobs or relationships.

Maybe the Words and Intentions you have been working with for the past few months are starting to sprout changes within your psyche that you have not yet integrated. Old modes of being – of thinking, feeling and behaving – no longer seem to work but new ones have yet to take root.

Or perhaps you just find yourself driving from activity to another and not knowing how you got there. Where ever you are, whatever spaces you find yourself in, stop, breathe, take a look around and find richness even, and perhaps especially in the mystery to be found through staying present to transition.

On a practical note, as we collectively dance through the liminal space of approaching Spring, there are some things you can do to engage it and feel vibrant in mind, body and spirit. Check out these resources as guides for journeying through this space.

1. Breathing with Ease – My blog post on Neti as a way to manage Spring Allergies, and keep your breath and prana free and clear.

2. Detox your Body – Review the tips and  listen to this conversation I had with Charlotte Clews of on Spring Cleansing to stay vibrant and healthy. She is also leading an excellent, user friendly 21-Day Detox which begins April 1st.

My Personal Fast
My Personal Fast Inspired by Abbey of the Arts

3. Clear Space in Your Mind to Make Room for the Fullness in Your Heart –  In the Christian tradition we are in the midst of Lent, the 40 days of fasting prior to Easter. Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, I encourage you to check out both of the blog posts linked below for a refreshing take on Fasting – or Spiritual Detox – a means to open more fully to your Heart.

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