I am the poet of the Body and I am the poet of the Soul,
the pleasures of heaven are with me and the pains of hell are with me,
The first I graft and increase upon myself, the latter I translate into a new tongue
~ Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Since my first ballet class at the age of 3, I have had a passion for physical movement as an expression of Spirit. At 16 I started exploring yoga. Several years later, after injuring my knee in dance class and falling into a chronic illness, I turned to yoga for physical and emotional exercise. In 2005, I discovered the heart-oriented and life-affirming principles of Anusara yoga. The practice of yoga saved my life. It gave me the framework in which to heal my physical body and transform my psyche so the radiant, joyful Spirit I knew I had could shine through.

I have been blessed to study with many highly skilled & radiant teachers to whom I send many thanks including Certified Anusara Instructors Sommer and Paul Sobin, Desiree Rumbaugh & John Friend. I offer immense gratitude to my primary teacher, mentor, colleague and friend, Lila Rasa Brown, for guiding me on this journey.

As an E-RYT-200, RYT 500 registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and former Anusara-Inspired Instructor I am dedicated to the life affirming principles of yoga. I seek to empower students to live brilliantly from the heart by viewing embodiment as a gift & loving the life we are each given.

About the Yoga

Even though I am no longer a licensed Anusara-Inspired instructor (or am now, as some have joked, Anusara Expired), the method and philosophy of Anusara continues to inform the foundation of my yoga and teaching.

Anusara means “to be in the flow of Grace” or “to go with the flow of nature.” Life is a gift to be enjoyed. Our embodiment is a creation of Spirit and we are alive with Spirit. Indeed, nothing exists that is not Spirit. From this view we seek to affirm life and the body, rather than degrade or move past the physical experience. Each moment presents an opportunity for growth. We can choose to contract and hide or embrace and expand. In this way the affirmative principles of the practice are not simply a “pie in the sky” philosophy but a set of clear world views and elegant techniques designed to train the practitioner to meet life on life’s terms and transform it into a beautiful expression of the Heart.

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