The Householder's Yoga Immersion

The Householder’s Yoga Immersion is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in everything you love about yoga and deepen your study of philosophy and alignment in an intimate, small group setting without having to set aside one full weekend a month to do so. This program is designed to be an evolving, ongoing exploration of the heart of yoga in a way that is easily accessible for students with full-time work and/or family commitments.

How it Works

studio_outside-300x197For one night a week we will gather at Soul Retreat Yoga and explore together the wide world of yoga. Each gathering will include dedicated time for lecture, discussion and/or journaling, asana, breath work and meditation.

inside_studio-300x199In addition students will be provided with materials for optional further study as well as a weekly template for guided home asana practice. Weekly “growthwork” will be structured so that students can choose how much or how little home study they want to participate in based on interest and fluctuating time commitments.

Credit Hours
An Immersion program is an excellent way to prepare for or supplement a traditional 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program because it affords the opportunity to really learn about yoga, not just how to teach it. Through a partnership with Lila Rasa and Abundant Heart Yoga, students wishing to enroll in the 2013-2014 Abundant Heart Yoga Teacher Training program will receive credit hours that can be applied to the teacher training program.

Schedule & Content

Tuesdays 5:30 – 7:45pm
Dates listed below
Soul Retreat Yoga

Purple-ButterflyModule 1:  For a New Vision
February 12 – March 19

Introduction to the three primary schools of yogic thought * The structure of the Universe: Exploring the non-dual lens of Tantric philosophy and why it matters *  The foundations of yoga: reading Pantanjali from a non-dual lens * Spanda (pulsation) and the art of co-creating * Overview of the primary principles of physical alignment in asana * Basic breath work and meditation

Green ButterflyModule 2: Guideposts for Creative Living
April 9 – May 14 

Further exploration of yogic cosmology * Yamas & the Niyamas: The joy of ethical living * The Rasas: the skillful experience of emotion to savor the full flavor of life * Deeper exploration of physical alignment in asana as a vehicle for ethical and flavorful living * More breath work and meditation

Blue ButterflyModule 3: Awakening the Subtle Body
May 28 – July 2

Traveling in Threes: The three primary gunas (qualities of energy) and the three primary Nadis (energy channels in the body) * The Mahabhutas: The five great elements * The Koshas: Sensing the layers of being * Walking the Rainbow Bridge: Introduction to the chakras (primary energy centers of the body) * Refining physical alignment to increase sensitivity and stability * Deeper breath work and meditation

Modules 4 & 5
Fall 2013, Dates TBA

Topics may include: Seeing Through the Veil: Illusion, the 5 Cloaks of Tantra and the Kleshas * Love Turned to Devotion: Bhakti Yoga and a discussion of the Bhagavad Gita and Narada Bhakti Sutras * The 4 Aims of Life * Basic Ayurveda

Soul Retreat Yoga is an intimate, home studio located in the verdant Ridge Road area of Raleigh behind the Wade Avenue Whole Foods. As such, the program is limited to 6 students at a time. Sign up for a single module or the full winter/spring program. Attendance in prior modules is recommended but not required to join later sections of the program.

Your Investment of $300 per Module or $800 for all Three Includes:

~ Weekly Class
~ 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your yoga background and goals
~ 10% discount on private lessons
~ Growthwork to keep you inspired
~ Practice templates for home based asana
~ Option to add the Home Practice Package for $150 (a 20%+ discount!) at any time during the program


Immerse and Find Balance

Three-Stones-&-ButterflyInterested in going even further on the path? Sign up for Bringing You to Balance Lifestyle Coaching … It’s the perfect complement to your Immersion Experience!

Get 10% off the total cost of both programs when you sign up to Immerse and Balance and enjoy

 ~ An immersion into the heart of yoga

~ Guidance for finding greater wellness and balance on the path of life

~ Learn how lifestyle can support your deepening yoga practice

~ Have fun connecting with community

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