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Presence and Preparation

I have the itch. The longing to be in the mountains at Kanuga, embraced by Rhododendron and hugged by my family. What a gift to have such love in my life.  The eight or so weeks before Kanuga are a season of preparation. I… Continue Reading “Presence and Preparation”

Familiar Grace

Three days into my family’s yearly vacation at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville I noticed I was in the mountains. At the same place we go every summer. The same cabin, the same embracing forest, the same dear friends, the same food cooked with… Continue Reading “Familiar Grace”

For Harry and J.K.

We purchased our tickets days in advance then met up at my house sometime after 10pm. We gathered in the van and drove down to the “good theatre” (as opposed to the “bad theatre” where no one went unless that was the only showing… Continue Reading “For Harry and J.K.”

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