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It’s All About Me . . . Sort Of . . . Not Really

Every now and again I bump up against the notion that my spiritual practice should not be for or about me. I bristle at this idea because I have been taught that self-care is essential and comes first. How can I help others if… Continue Reading “It’s All About Me . . . Sort Of . . . Not Really”

Currents of Grace

Dear Friends, First, abundant thanks to everyone who put up with and participated in my incessant filming of class over the last year. It’s a bit ironic that I finally filmed the video I would have submitted for certification the day before the John… Continue Reading “Currents of Grace”

What We Carry

A few days before the Christmas of 1994 my family packed up our belongings and began our journey south to Alabama where my dad had been called to be the rector of an Episcopal Church. Ten miles out of town the odometer broke in… Continue Reading “What We Carry”

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