Dear Friends,

Welcome to the season of harvest and release. As I meditate on the dynamic tension between these two energies it occurs to me that while I’m accustomed to the practice of letting go, I’m not that good at harvest because I tend to focus on how my labors don’t bear the fruit I imagine they should. Which is a terrible attitude to take toward life. 

Cole and I end each day with “gratefuls” but perhaps I should take them a step further. Perhaps I could celebrate the harvest by living into the questions: What have I done in my life for which I am proud? What dreams have I fought for and nurtured instead of let wither under the harsh conditions of the world? A few things come to mind.

  1. I wrote a book. And equally, I’m still writing. 
  2. I left a toxic marriage and maintain an amicable, business like relationship with my ex.  
  3. I’ve studied and practiced and taught yoga. And equally, I’m still doing those things.
  4. I have a beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, inquisitive child with whom I get to share my days. And who always points to me and says, “You” when we do our gratefuls. I know he’s being lazy so I press him to be a little more imaginative. Then he comes up with things like “my nosy nose.” 
  5. I traveled to New Mexico and hiked up a mountain.

It feels showy and uncomfortable to write these down. Self-criticism is so much easier than self-celebration. The later feels irresponsible and gross. If I’m not in criticism, I say to myself, I’m in complacency. But the irony is that when I’m too critical I become paralyzed by my perceived inadequacy. When I’m in healthy self-reflection I am better able to act. 

In these first few days and weeks of Autumn as the squashes and apples and golden hued trees abound, I will accept the invitation to harvest. I’ll make it my word or breath prayer. Maybe I’ll buy some kitschy harvest decor at Michael’s as a reminder. I’ll ask for night dreams and waking awareness of how harvest exists in my life. I’ll do a focused journey meditation. I’ll look for it in sacred texts. 

I extend the same invitation to you. What have you done in your life for which you are proud? What dreams have you nurtured? Let’s gather together and celebrate the harvest. There’s time enough to let it go. 


Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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