Seven Days of Grace Part II

Seven years ago I wrote a little piece called Seven Days of Grace. It’s just a little meditation; a little bit of paying attention to seek out moments of Grace. This is Part II. Where do you find Grace in your day?

My inbox is full of people wanting last minute exceptions for summer camp. I spend the hours putting out fires. I’m grateful for something to do.

Depression swallows me today and moving feels like an effort. I walk from the Y to Bond Park for lunch with a friend. She’s one of the best people in the world. We talk and enjoy each other’s company. I’m too tired to walk back to work so she gives me a ride. Later, I go home and cocoon under a blanket.

Yoga class goes well.

Two fellow parishioners and I carpool to a leadership conference. They are smart people. They ask me what I think and I tell them.

Mom made Cole a black t-shirt with balls of black yarn stuck on it which he wears while singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” at his school recital.

During a role playing game at the leadership conference I get swept up in the excitement in the room. I call for a vote then realize I made a mistake and our side doesn’t have enough votes to win. Instead of shrinking in embarrassment I laugh. “Apparently I can’t do math.”

Grandma has been in the hospital since Friday. She had a seizure. We thought this was the end. Today she is more alert and talking. I tell her about the conference and that it wasn’t what I expected. In an uncharacteristic moment of spontaneity, this tough old broad imparts wisdom, “You collect experiences. You never know when a small something will be important.” She will go home in a couple of days.

Photo by Freddy Castro on Unsplash

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